Private Label (Rebranding)

Private Label allows you to rebrand the software with your own company information. (ie: You can remove or change the copyright information, rename the program, and fully modify the header & footer template files.)

By rebranding the product with your own company information, you can then charge your own clients whatever price makes sense for you - without worrying about your customers finding out about SnippetMaster. Having your own brand will make your name the only the point of origin for all the products and services you offer.

Learn more about the rebrandable version of SnippetMaster here.

How to rebrand the software

  1. You must have a rebrandable license to rebrand the software. If your current license type is for the Pro regular or free LITE version you can easily purchase an upgrade at any time. It is not possible to rebrand the software without a rebrandable license.

    Note: Once you have upgraded to a rebrandable license, be sure to "activate" your license by saving the new license key into the Admin Setup -> General -> License Key setting.
  2. Go to the Customizing The Templates section of this manual for instructions on how to change the copyright and "Powered by" text and links.